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Single fin surfboards have been around in surfing for many years. The single fin, is an extremely well proven design, which continues to be relevant to this very day.

Single fin surfboards lost their place of prominence when multi fin designs came on to the market. Firstly the arrival of the twin fin followed by the thrusters and to a lesser extent the four fins. Sadly, and according to many incorrectly, this saw the single surfboard all but disappear. All these multi fin combinations have different and valid performance qualities which offer the surfer a wide range of surfing styles. But nothing surfs quite like a single fin.

When choosing a surfboard, ites not a matter of which design is better, or even more fashionable, but rather what style of surfing the surfer wants to perform?

Single fin surfboards when designed and built correctly are great boards in waves from 1 ~ 100ft, they have a full range of design options in the widest wave range; the single fin surfboard is an extremely versatile design.

A single fin surfboard does require slightly different rail design through the tail area of the board compared to multi fin designs. The features one can expect from single fin surfing is: smooth flowing fast lines, good carving bottom turns. You can expect much better control on steep hollow waves. Youfll find that a single fin surfboard is able to maintain better control longer, in a deep barrel. Single fin surfboards have stood the test of time and regardless of popularity, these days they are still the best all round free running surfboard of them all.

As amazing as it may seem the single fin is not popular, this is because of the general ignorance of modern ghappeningh surfboard designers who have little or zero knowledge in regards to the single fin design and function.

So if you decide to get a single fin surfboard, make sure you order from a manufacturer or shaper/designer with a solid history in the design of single fin surfboards. For a good single fin youfll need a surfboard designer that has been around for at least 30 years who intimately understands the design.

It is important you get a well designed single fin surfboard, as the design must be correct to get the best results.

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